"Anna Fisher" star map drawing by artist Ed Fairburn, depicting the first mother in space using intricate celestial patterns and constellations.
Ed Fairburn | "Anna Fisher" - Abend Gallery
Ed Fairburn | "Anna Fisher" - Abend Gallery
A framed lunar map hangs on a navy blue wall above a wooden desk. The desk holds a stack of books with an Ed Fairburn "Anna Fisher" poster, a llama-shaped plant holder, and a potted plant. A wooden chair is partially visible.
Wall with framed abstract artwork, decorative vases, a clock, and a white antler sculpture on a shelf, alongside an Ed Fairburn | "Anna Fisher" poster by Ed Fairburn.

Ed Fairburn | "Anna Fisher"

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Artist: Ed Fairburn

Title: Anna Fisher

Image size: 17.5 in H x 18.5 in W (44.45 x 46.99 cm)

Paper size: 20 in H x 20 in W (50.8 x 50.8 cm)

Medium: Poster Print (Printed on Red River UltraPro Luster 300 GSM paper, as of 4/10/23)

Unlimited Edition

Markings: Stamped (Effective August 2023. Before this date, the print was priced lower and lacked a stamped signature.)

Framed: Unframed or Framed with anti-reflective glass (framed dimensions are roughly: 22 x 22")

Released: 2016

About the piece:

Anna Fisher is an unlimited stamped (As of August, 2023) edition poster print by Ed Fairburn, UK. The piece depicts an iconic portrait of former astronaut Anna Fisher, the first mother to travel into space.  


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