Frequently Ask Questions

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity with my artwork purchase?

Rest assured that all purchases come with a certificate of authenticity from us. With the exception of open edition unsigned prints. In the rare case that you do not receive one, simply inform us and we will promptly send it to you via email or mail. We strive to provide our customers with complete peace of mind. 

Why are Ed Fairburn limited edition prints stamped and not signed?

Ed Fairburn signing a print

Ed Fairburn, an artist known for his unique creativity and passion, embarked on a personal tradition around 2012 that added a heartwarming, personal touch to his works. He began incorporating signature stamps into both his original artwork and prints, subtly branding them with an intimate piece of his personal history.

The origin of this stamp is a nostalgic nod to his childhood. When Ed was merely 5 or 6 years old, he sent a card to his beloved grandmother. This card, carrying the innocent and imaginative scribblings of a young Ed, became the source of his present-day signature stamp. His grandmother had preserved the card, and it was from this that Ed's unique signature stamp was derived.

This cherished childhood memento was scanned and transformed into a stamp, and Ed now uses it as his personal 'signature'. The stamp not only authenticates his work but also offers a glimpse into the artist's journey, connecting his past with his present in a beautiful, tangible way. It's a touching reminder of his beginnings, symbolizing the enduring influence of our formative years, and the lasting impact they can have on our artistic expressions.

Could you provide me with an explanation on how sales tax is calculated for purchases made through your gallery?

Please note that all sales made through our gallery will incur an additional charge for local sales tax. As a destination-based sales tax state, sales tax rates are determined by the buyer's location at the time of purchase. This means that if we ship to a buyer in Grand Junction, CO, they will be charged their local sales tax, in addition to shipping. Additionally, Colorado imposes a retail delivery fee of $0.27 for all motor vehicle deliveries made within the state until June 2023, when it will increase to $0.28 starting July 2024.

When making a purchase through our website, an estimated sales tax tabulation will be shown at checkout. However, this is based on the sales tax for a Denver resident and may not reflect the actual sales tax you will be charged. Please also note that unless we cross the Nexus Threshold for a particular state, we do not charge sales tax for those who reside outside of Colorado.

How are taxes addressed for international buyers?

International customers are required to cover any applicable taxes or import fees on their orders. Please note that customs may hold your purchase until duty and tax payments are made at the entry point. Thank you for your understanding. 

Attention UK Customers: Important Update Regarding Brexit and Tax Rules

For the time being, we regret to inform our UK customers that we have suspended sales of certain items due to new tax rules for orders under £135. However, if you're located in the UK and interested in purchasing an artwork under £135, fret not! You can still order it provided your total order amounts to $200 or more, and it's combined with other items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. A smarter choice is to buy a piece of art below £135 from our Artsy store as new tax regulations exclude marketplaces. In case you cannot find the art piece that captures your attention, kindly let us know, and we'll guide you to it.


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