Ed Fairburn Prints

    Fine Artist Ed Fairburn in the studio.High-quality reproductions of work by renowned artist Ed Fairburn.
    “Paper maps are essential to portrait artist Ed Fairburn, who uses them as the canvas for his detailed work. His thoughtful integration of human portrait and topography make it appear as though the two have always belonged together” (Rocky Mountain PBS).
    About Ed: 
    “Ed Fairburn is an English artist whose ability to combine the geography of our facial features with the geography of the earth leads to a startling and compelling synthesis of the two. Fairburn has become known in Europe for his evocative portraits, which produce complex human features from the apparently random patterns found in mundane topographical and astrological maps.
    The beauty lies in how natural this marriage of forms feels. The synchronicity of the patterns between the geographical and the human serves to remind us of how united they are underneath their apparent differences. In his hands, both built infrastructure and natural phenomena echo the organic human form. National highway systems become capillaries, and the tangle of Paris’ alleyways become the wrinkles that give the face history and individuality." 
    Ed Fairburn originals are also available from Abend Gallery. 

    Ed Fairburn Originals

    Ed Fairburn originals may be purchased on our site.